Energy Now to be Derived from Electronic Wastes

Published Date : Mar 19, 2015

A researcher at the University of the Basque Country, along with other international researchers has developed a method for creating clean hydrogen which can be utilized as a fuel. The concerned researchers have got the patent registered in Japan. UPV/EHU’s Faculty of Science and Technology’s Chemical Technologies for Environmental Sustainability Group has been utilizing discarded and waste plastics in the most effective of ways keeping in view economic, energy, and environmental concerns. 

Since plastics are essentially petroleum based substances, they can be utilized as a source of energy rather than waste products. In fact, the head researcher is trying to come up with newer ways for treating plastic wastes which are very complex for treating. This may either be because of the composition or else because it is blended with other materials that separating and isolating these is a very costly proposition.

The researcher, during his research stay in Japan at the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology had taken part in a part of a research activity that had resulted in a certain patent which involved attaining clean hydrogen that could be utilized as a fuel with the help of discarded electronic components that were obtained via the process of gasification. 

At present, electronic components based plastic waste is increasing phenomenally in developed economies. Thus, these wastes need to be treated in a certain way since they comprise a range of valuable metals which can eventually be recovered. The process entails the use of steam for treating the waste. Therefore, the metals contained in the discarded waste acts like a catalyst and in a certain condition gives rise to the gaseous form of hydrogen.