Scientists Advertize Breakthrough in Chemical Weapons Clash

Published Date : Mar 20, 2015

This week, the chemical weapons are in the news as the U.S. military wiped out caches of the armaments. The new study is also holding the weapons in the limelight. Scientists state that they have discovered a new, fast way to annihilate chemical weapons and probably to protect the U.S. forces and first responders.

The researchers at Northwestern University have created a new material that annihilates nerve agents at high speeds. As a matter of fact, it is so efficient that it can make one of the most poisonous nerve agents across the globe, Soman, powerless within mere minutes.

Soman, or Military designation GD, is a clear, monochrome nerve agent similar to the more commonly known Sarin. The nerve agents are highly poisonous of famous chemical warfare agents. The Soman is not without; it can stink like camphor or a rotting fruit. Just a little bit of it on the skin can be lethal within minutes.

The research of the team advises that the new material will also be efficient against other agents like the odorless and the tasteless VX. The VX is easy to make and considered the most potent of all known nerve agents.  Any liquid contact on skin could be lethal.

This new material could be used for protective equipment of war fighters like gas masks. Protective equipment is essential to keep military personnel safe when they are working in environments where there is a potential use of chemical weapons.

When first responders enter an environment where there may be nerve agents such as Soman or VX, the CDC recommends using a National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health certified Chemical, Radiological, Biological, and Nuclear Self Contained Breathing Apparatus with the ‘A’ Level protective suit.