Retailers Planning to Rekindle the Appeal of Apparel

Published Date : Mar 20, 2015

There was a time when people used to shop at stores such as Gap. However, it was not that long ago. It was during the past few years, the traffic to brick and mortar stores has dwindled and the one-time go-to clothing retailers worth for North American shoppers.

Gap’s clothes and designs might have lost a step or two in the department of trends, according to experts on retail. However, relative fast fashion newcomers in the meantime such as H&M, Zara, and Forever 21 have been more than happy to jump on this opportunity.

The Gap’s tackles have mirrored many other established clothing retailers in Canada for example the now defunct Mexx and others. However, the time has finally come when a retail revival is going to happen, according to a new research report published earlier this week.

The retailer has currently a new leader in Art Peck, the company guy will take the helm previous month and has been busy meeting with their investor types such as BMO to sell them on their game plan. According to an analyst the meeting focused largely on the plan to put the flagship such as Gap brand back on its track.

The overhauling of Gap’s clothing lineup has grown relatively frumpy as compared to the shops which have lined up in the mall. For example shirts have become too large and boxy. The analyst further stated that the focus is on correcting their previous missteps in fit, silhouette, and color, and finally improving the level of consistency and also winning back their consumer mindshare.