Ind asked by WTO Members to Move out Exports Sops from Textiles, Apparel

Published Date : Mar 20, 2015

Countries which are part of the WTO such as the United States, Japan, and Turkey have asked India that they will phase out their export subsidies on textiles and the apparel sectors, as informed by the Parliament.

However, as per the data from WTO for 2006 and 2007, the country India has crossed its threshold for two years in these two segments, according to the Commerce and Industry Minister Sitharam in a reply to the Lok Sabha.

According to the Minister, the WTO subsidies committee meetings the member countries of WTO especially the US has supported by the European Union, Japan, and Turkey, among others have requested phasing out the export subsidies by India for the apparel sectors. She also added that the government has yet not taken any decision on phasing out the subsidies as it this new Foreign Trade Policy is still undergoing consideration.

However, the Minister replied to a separate question which was on buffalo meat exports. She stated that the exports need to be increased by around 13.71 per cent in quantity terms for the period April-October 2014.

By value terms the increase has been recorded of 14.35 per cent during the aforesaid period. According to the minister the growth in the exports of the meat of buffalo during the period of April till October 2013 2014 was due to the increase of business experienced from Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Egypt, Vietnam, and Malaysia.

She also stated that the Indian bovine meat was not allowed into the China’s marked due to the ground of prevalence of food and mouth diseases in India.