Asia is keen to invest in B.C. LNG: Coleman

Published Date : Nov 30, -0001

Rich Coleman, B.C.\'s Minister of Natural Gas Development presided in Beijing at the middle of a three-country trade mission program to Asia and announced that Korean and Chinese companies are enthusiastic on B.C.\'s LNG industry. He also said that his expectations are high to get a similar reaction when he meets the business leaders in Malaysia. 


He believes the firm\'s offshore investment in the liquefied natural gas industry are merely weeks away, and thus he has wrapped up a few high-level meetings with three huge Chinese companies and many other smaller firms that plan on pursuing investments. 


According to Rich Coleman, chief Korean and Chinese companies could make their final investment decisions by the third quarter of 2014. Further to his expectations and interest on this subject, Coleman points out two to three sensitive deals which according to him should be included by end of this month or early November. These pointers would clear the way for environmental permitting and assessments. 


The current estimation observed in B.C. is more than 10 LNG export proposals. If five huge LNG plants are built, by 2046, B.C. could comfortably offer so much as 100,000 jobs and an infusion of $1-trillion in the government deposit.