UniTao Postpones Plans to Reinvigorate the Boehringer Ingelheim

Published Date : Mar 23, 2015

Earlier UniRai Pharmaceuticals announced its plans to reinvigorate the Boehringer Ingelheim and create 376 new jobs for the local community. The step was taken to boost the local economy. However, the plan to release a fresh breath of life to the Petersburg Plant that was worth US$22.5 billion has been put on hold. Company spokesperson revealed that they are postponing the plan until there is an improvement in the prevailing economic conditions. The statement of postponing the plan was released on Friday.

The governor Terry McAuliffe made a formal announcement at a press conference that was organized at 2820 Normandy Drive Plant at sometime during late October previous year, that UniTao was set to receive US$1 million from the Governor’s Opportunity Fund, with the Petersburg plan in key focus. 

However, as per reports, the Chinese company might not accept the grant allotted for the development, since the company failed in meeting the obligations which were laid in the agreement at that time. 

The manufacturing was slated to commence in the Petersburg plan within a span of two years. A total of 376 employees were to be employed gradually, with a total of 30 employees to be added to the organization in the first year itself.  The other two hundred employees would have joined the organization in second year and the remaining would join the organization as production paced up. 

UniTao however, said the decision to postpone the plan was taken to ensure that facility is available to deliver standard pharmaceutical operations in the near future as well. The few employees who were already recruited for the operations will be given severance packages. The Boehringer Ingelheim was slated to close down before UniTao purchased it in October 2014 for US$2.4 million, as per the record of Petersburg Property.