International Companies Compete to Secure a Business Contract in India’s Diamond Quadrilateral Project

Published Date : Mar 23, 2015

Renowned companies from six different countries, which include China, Italy, and Germany are competing hard to be a part of the Diamond Quadrilateral bullet train project initiated by Narendra Modi, the Indian Prime Minister. There are about twelve foreign companies that are bidding to conduct feasibility studies this highly advanced rail project for three main corridors of the Diamond Quadrilateral. The feasibility studies pertain to the rail corridors that will be running between Kolkata and New Delhi, Chennai and Mumbai, and Mumbai and Delhi. These connecting points form a significant part of the Diamond Quadrilateral rail project. 

The companies are France based Systra, Italy based Italser, Spain based Sener, Siyuan from China, and Germany based DB International. According to a senior official, it was decided that only one company will be allowed to work only a single corridor, not more. The opening of the bidding took place early this week itself and latest by July the winner of the project will be declared. The total feasibility study of all the three routes is valued at a sum worth 30 crore rupees. 

At present, the Rajdhani express is the superfast train that runs between Mumbai and Delhi within the time span of 16 hours. However, the launching of this high speed express, it is anticipated that travel time will come down by half. Also, the transit time between several metros and Delhi will get reduced because of the bullet trains. Currently, China is carrying out the feasibility study for the Delhi to Chennai route, which is very much included within the Diamond Quadrilateral bullet train project. The primary aim of this rail project is to phenomenally bring down the travel time between the main cities and metros. These trains have an average speed of almost 300 kmph.