Science Explained Behind the Non-browning Arctic Apples

Published Date : Mar 24, 2015

In Canada, a debate has been going if the apples which don’t turn brown are evil. However, these are not ordinary apples. The debate is over Arctic Apples, which have been developed in the B.C. by Okanagan Specialty Fruits. This apple is a new variety of the fruit which does not turn brown since the genes responsible for browning of an apple produce polyphenols enzymes which have been suppressed.

During the last Friday, the Agency called Canadian Food Inspection Agency and Health Canada has announced that they will permit the Arctic Apple to be available for sale within Canada. The agency has concluded that this fruit was safe for the public.

According to Health Canada, the science behind the Arctic Apples is not complicated. A gene that was introduced into these apples has resulted in the decline of the levels of the enzyme which tends to make apples brown once they are sliced. However, in all other ways, the Arctic Apple tree and its fruit are similar to those other apples.

Nevertheless, many consumers are not buying these apples, as these perceived as the very work of evil. While some consumers have the opinion that GM foods should not be consumed. A worldwide protest held in March against the use of GMOs was the crystallization of the movement. This first event was held in May in over 300 cities around the world. According to anti-GMO activists the genetically-modified foods can result in cancer, infertility, and several birth defects. Hence, they advocate on buying on organic foods and want legislation which would label them as genetically modified foods.