Japan Makes Headway in Fashionable Hi-Tech Wearable

Published Date : Mar 24, 2015

Hi-tech wearables or smart wearables are a nascent technology, and none of these technologies comprises function, fashion and battery life that is expected of the product. To have it all is not a reality yet! What has been achieved so far is a combination of either function and fashion, or battery and fashion, or even fashion and function which leaves room to advance further for the desired product.

In the smart technology wearables arena, several college students in Japan are on the go to design smart wearable fashion accessories. The idea of the drive is to support “scientific girls”, an initiative undertaken by Recruit Technologies, Advanced Technology Lab, and Rikejo University.

The educational institutions throughout Japan are underway to promote technology education among women. Fashion is seen all over Japan. The idea of the project to inspire women to create smart technology accessories keeping with fashion seems apt for the initiative.

It is true the idea may not be at par with ‘Android wearable’ or ‘Apple watch’, but it is surely the beginning of several proof of concept that may lead to design and creation of decorative accessories such as hair-bands, bracelets, and necklaces. Japan has been at the forefront for developing wearable accessories which has lot to offer. The fact is supported by zealous enthusiasm and participation from students around colleges in Japan for smart fashionable models which were created in a time of fewer months. 

In general, STEM which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics careers are promoted for women worldwide but this one is particularly important in Japan due to a mishap that is related to the initiative. A stem cell research report by a prominent female researcher Dr Haruko Obakata and her associate Dr Yoshiki Sasai was caught in a controversy which led the latter to commit suicide.