IBM CEO Announced the Sharing Of Technology with China

Published Date : Mar 25, 2015

The Chief Executive Officer of IBM Corp, Virginia Rometty announced that the company has made plans to share piece of technology with Chinese enterprises which will further aid in building China’s IT industry. She further added that IBM feels the need to help in building the IT industry of China by not thinking of it as a destination for sales and manufacturing home.

On Monday, Rometty further added that looking at the giant population of China about 1.3 billion, IT industry should flourish. Many of the IT firms around the globe have been frightening for some reasons; however, IBM wants to take it as a huge opportunity. Many of the prominent U.S. IT firms which are operating in the China market are making alliances with the local units of China, with a hope that it will be easy in the future to start with vast operations in China.

According to the facts, the sales figures of IBM in the China industry have been stabilizing now after the huge drop that occurred in the third quarter of 2013. A New York- based company, Armonk has reported about one percent of slide in terms of revenue in China in the last quarter of 2014 in comparison with the previous year.

A new approach of IBM has allowed many Chinese enterprises to build all things possible with the use semiconductor chips and servers that are based on the architecture of IBM, for the purpose of software that will run on those machines. IBM further informed that many other vendors are trying for similar efforts.