China to Make Shining Fabrics That Can Be Woven

Published Date : Mar 25, 2015

Have you ever thought about a party dress that has the facility to change colors and shine like a star? Some of the Chinese scientist has been working on developing a material that can actually shine and change colors as wished by the user.

Xinhua news agency had reported about citing a latest issue of Nature Photonics in which, a Shanghai-based Fudan University Peng Huisheng and some of his colleagues have made plans to carry a large amount of batteries so that they can make their dress shine. These batteries are in the shape of fiber so that they can be woven into the fabric.

PLEC – polymer light-emitting electrochemical cells are fiber which is light weight and quite flexible. PLEC are made by wrapping of metal wire cathode into a carbon nanotube sheet which is the anode. They emit light when they activate electroluminescent polymer layer in the middle part.

Zhang Zhitao, an article author told that these PLECs are generally powered with a low voltage and boast high efficiency which is further suitable for mass productions. After using this technology, the materials will be able to display many colors. So after wearing the fabric one can change the color by making an adjustment in the brightness ratio.

The brain behind the technology, Henk Bolink and Enrique Orti stated that developing this technology was indeed a big step ahead in the process of light-emitting fibers which will suit the integration with fabrics that can be woven. They further added that this innovation has a long way to go along with some improvements needed time to time.