Farmers in Marion Welcome Technology for Effective Farming

Published Date : Mar 25, 2015

Agriculture being the biggest industry in the country of Marion it has gone through many innovations to survive. Ken Stiverson, the County Commissioner of Marion said that with an experience of decades in pork productions and agriculture, they have witnessed a hundred fold changes in the last twenty-five years.

He further added that they can’t survive anymore the way they used to in the past as the people in the country still feel that they are running around in bib overalls and in a pitchfork. He says that this situation was there when he started into the industry.

Ken Stiverson further says that most of the land is occupied into crop production in the country and the top animal farmers in Marion are the pork farmers. As per the estimation, he thinks that more than a thousand sows are raised every year within the country.

The country of Marion is ranked in the top ten countries in Ohio in regards with sheep and hog production, as per the report of 2011 of Department of Agriculture of United States.

The district director of the pork council of Ohio, Kyle Brown told that much advancement have made their ways into pork farming in the state. He further informed that the food portions are being digitally delivered into proportions to all the hogs at Maken Bacon Farms in Morral. 

He said that the food is also well suited for the growth of larger and healthy pigs. The innovative technology and advance knowledge is helping in making less use of feed and water for production of pork.