Apple gearing up for Fashion Advice with Watch Sales

Published Date : Mar 26, 2015

Apple is all set for the new Watch launch next month. The new launch is well geared; the Cupertino based company is training employees to offer fashion and styling advice to customers. The whole idea behind the training is to initiate conversations that build customer’s trust.

The employees at the Cupertino based company will attend Apple Watch boot camp for a period of two weeks. The training will include learning techniques to lure customer for iPhone upgrades, assist with gift ideas, and help customers with watch and strap choices. The training will also involve employees face hypothetical situations, and leading dummy customers through the purchase process.

The training will be rigorous building customer trust in mere 15 minutes is not an easy task. The employees undergoing training have also been advised to make positive comments, and try not to discuss poor fashion choices. However, the employees can leverage the previous customers’ purchasing decision, relate to the client’s personal accessories for the purchase, and value the opinion of the patron’s accompanying family or friend.

One of the important aspects of the training for the employees is not to discuss price to recommend a product to the customers. This is so, as some customers may be willing to pay a higher price for the model of choice that may make them feel good.

Ahead of the launch, Apple is accepting pre-orders starting from April 10. To get going with the time piece, one would need an Apple iPhone 5 or another device running on iOS 8.2.