Plastic Micro beads a threat to our Planet Earth

Published Date : Mar 26, 2015

The personal care products which we use, from tooth brush to face exfoliating cream to anything similar are loaded with plastic micro beads not known to most of us. It is the plastic micro beads, which is related to water pollution all over the world.

The high concentration of micro plastic in oceans has been supported by studies from researchers at State University of New York along with 5 Gyres. The data collected after the expedition reported as high as 43,000 plastic micro particles per square kilometer in the Great Lakes region. Among them, Lake Erie reported highest concentration that accounted for 90% of the total plastic found.

The study further corroborated high concentrations of micro plastics which were similar in shape, size, composition, and texture to plastic micro beads found in most consumer products. It is the plastic micro beads, found in many consumer products such as exfoliants, which should ideally go down the drain. 

The sewage treatment do not capture the plastic micro beads, hence it gets mixed in the ecosystem.We do not like to wash our face with plastic, and anything that can mix in to the environment easily makes it even less chosen. Another drawback of plastic micro beads is its size that is as big as eggs of fish. It is because of the small size; it can absorb and push toxins found in the water ecosystem which enhances the threat to the whole food chain.

To check for plastic micro beads in all our personal care products is easy. It can be done running through the ingredients’ check list, or using the 5 Gyres Institute App for such compositions.