£17.3 Million Award Received by Cardiff University for Compound Semiconductors Development

Published Date : Mar 26, 2015

A total of £17.3 million award will be given to Cardiff University for its cutting edge technology of semiconductors. This funding was revealed by the University’s Minister, Mr. Greg Clark. This financial support will underpin their Compound Semiconductor Research Foundation, which will be the first of its kind in the United Kingdom. This project has the potential of turning into one of the leading clusters in Europe.

This foundation has earmarked the University’s Innovation Campus which will drive the testing and development of their technology which will push the global megatrend of smart phones and tablets. This research will help to power the transformation across several sectors such as biotechnology, healthcare, and mass communications.

This award will be adding around £12 million which has been previously pledged by the Welsh Government to provide support to the foundation. This financial support will help to strengthen the bond between the University and the compound semiconductor wafer supplier, and the IQE headquartered in Cardiff.

According to Colin Riordan, the professor and vice-chancellor at Cardiff University, this award received from the United Kingdom Research Partnership Investment Fund will help to capitalize their existing academic expertise at the University. He further stated that it will help to cement their well-established partnership and create a global hub for the research of compound semiconductor and also development and innovation of this technology.

The IQE, CEO stated that compound semiconductors are one of the eight great technologies which have been identified by the government of UK as one of the essential that will fuel the country’s economic and industrial growth.