U.S. House Approves the Hike for War Funds

Published Date : Mar 26, 2015

The United States House has recently approved a budget blueprint worth US$3.8 trillion which includes US$20 billion extra directed towards war funds which are being sought by the defense hawks.

When asked if the vote was a major victory for the House defense hawks the member of Armed Services Committee member Duncan Hunter replied a simple no. He further stated that they think it is as things should be, and still it’s not the best way to do so, since the additional military authority on budget is in war account and not yet in the base budget.

He further said that the budget blueprint and its construction can be viewed in the content of one year and the coming year they will look at it in the context of the coming year. He also criticizes the House Republicans for voting towards the draconian sequestration cuts.

This measure was passed during 228 to 100 and was one of the numerous 2016 year federal spending resolutions which declined Wednesday afternoon and included a Budget Committee version which did not mention the additional overseas contingency operation funds.

The House Members have left the town previous Thursday and the defense hawks was led by House Armed Services Tactical Air and Land Forces sub-committee which the Chairman Mike Turner, R-Ohio were informed to expect an amendment the current week which would take the war fund to around US$96 billion.

These two resolutions, the full chamber had approved recently and the committee passed the version which would give the congressional defense panels of US$499 billion which will work as they craft their spending bills and annual policy. This level has been mandated by spending their caps enshrined during the year 2011 Budget Control Act.