BKPM Applauded Prolonged Japanese Automobile Investments

Published Date : Mar 26, 2015

BKPM, the investment coordinating Board applauded the commitments of Japanese investors for expanding the investment in the automotive industry in Indonesia.

As quoted by Antara, the chairman of BKPM, Mr. Franky Sibarani said in a statement on Thursday, in Jakarta that the commitments are for industrial expansions so that their sell overseas can develop by three-fold to six hundred thousand units from the current two hundred thousand. Apart from this, the expanded manufacturing capacities in the automotive industry can bring their component sectors automatically to their country. 

The President, Mr. Joko “Jokowi” Widodo stated that Toyota had wished a new investment commitment valuing around US$1.6 billion in Indonesia, following his recent-most visit to the automotive firm in Japan. Apart from Toyota, one more Japanese automotive firm, Suzuki, also wished for a commitment to increase its investment by around US$1 billion when the representatives of the company met with the President Jokowi.

In response to the commitments, Mr. Franky stated the government was committed to forfeit close attention to investors facing obstacles, which included commitments to make the handling of cargo shipping in ports easy and the delivery of goods from factories to the ports simple.

Mr. Franky stated the BKPM was committed to protect the national component sector in a bid to attain the focus of more foreign markets to produce components that could not be domestically produced or that utilized new technologies.