George Aronoff is appointed at the Renal Ventures Management

Published Date : Nov 19, 2013

Renal Ventures Management, LLC appointed George R. Aronoff, MD, MS, FACP as the new assistant-chief medical officer. 

Renal Ventures, over the past 15 years is established under the supervision of Dr. Parker who led the organization into a drive for premium dialysis services. However, Dr. Aronoff’s goals are to carry forth Dr. Parker’s efforts of the Renal Ventures quality agenda and also show support to the upcoming developments and new initiatives that could improve the quality life of all the patients at the facility. It is an honor for him to join the office of the chief medical officer, says Dr. Aronoff. 

Thomas F. Parker, III, MD – chief medical officer and senior vice president of Renal Ventures said that, it is honorable to have Dr. Aronoff join the team at Renal. It shows a considerable demonstration of the on-going commitment towards the quality care of our patients. His efforts, credentials, and passion for enhancing care are incredible, he added. He fits us and we fit him. 

Prior to joining Renal Ventures, Dr. Aronoff was the chief of the nephrology division of the department of medicine at the University of Louisville. He has served on the board of directors of the Renal Physicians Association and the medical advisory board for the American Association of Kidney Patients. Additionally, in his tenure he has also served as the medical director of the University of Louisville Dialysis Unit and the training program director. His credentials carry a label of an accomplished lecturer, author, and professor, as well as, a doctor who is board certified in internal medicine and nephrology. 

Larry Chatfield, chief executive officer of Renal Ventures commented that Dr. Aronoff adds value and further depth to an already existing medical team. Nonetheless, to reach great advancements in the dialysis industry, Dr. Aronoff and Dr. Parker will be working together to further fulfill this commitment and take Renal Ventures to another level of care, growth, and quality nationwide.