Clinton Gearing Up for the Launch of New Community Healthcare Facility

Published Date : Mar 31, 2015

Clinton is gearing up for the launch of a brand new healthcare clinic. Local residents are looking forward to the ceremony, because as per reports, the community has only a few options to get quality healthcare. A majority of people living in Clinton has to visit hospitals to get treated even in case of minor disease or ailment since there is not enough number of doctor’s office. Among this meager number of facilities, many even deny attending the patients who are yet to clear their pending bills in the branches. 

Caitlyn Isaacson who is living in Clinton with her husband since the last five years said, every time she tried to fix an appointment with the doctor, something or the other always got in the way. Whenever she tried to fix appointment with the doctor, he was with scheduled several meetings at the same time. The facility usually remains open between 9a.m. in the morning to 3p.m. in afternoon, and with so many people standing in the queue, Isaacson more than often failed arranging for an appointment with the doctor. 

Given the situation, she said, most of the time she and her husband ended up visiting the hospital for care. She added, since neither her or her husband has a car visiting hospital for attending to their health related problem seemed like the best option in vicinity. 

Tom Bowman, Chief Executive Officer, Community Health Care, added, people like Caitlyn Isaacson are not alone. More than often a mother with a sick child has to visit the emergency department of hospitals, because it is near to impossible to get to the doctor’s office on the same day. Similar situation arises in front of folks who suffer from diabetes, or may be dint have money to get insulin. Such patients have to invariably visit the emergency department at hospitals to get treated. 

The Affordable Care Act has encouraged many people to come in the healthcare system. The Community Health Care Inc. facility will be a nonprofit organization that will ensure access to primary healthcare services to the people living in the region.