Loy Lake Bridge Pushed for June Completion

Published Date : Mar 31, 2015

The opening of the Loy Lake Bridge is pushed to June due to recent weather conditions in Sherman, Texas in the U.S. region. The Loy Lake Bridge has been closed since the last eight months as work is in progress to widen the bridge to four lanes from the existing two lanes. 

The Transportation Department at Texas had earlier announced a May opening which is pushed to mid June due to recent weather conditions in the region. The project estimated at US$5.6 million started in last July. The road work causes inconvenience to drivers to access the destinations on the eastern side of the bridge.

The Loy Lake bridge work needs to take number of detours for drivers which is quite tedious. The stores such as Wingstop which are on the eastern side of the bridge have also been complaining about difficulty of customers to reach the stores due to the ongoing construction work. As per the assistant manager of the store, many people call at the store for directions to get to the store owing to the construction work.

The Department of Transportation, Texas had said some lane could be closed next month as the works progress to complete the work by mid June. The Wingstop assistant manager hopes not to have further delays due to weather, and the bridge to open by mid June. The completion of the project will reduce the driving hassle and may bring in more customers as per the manager of the store.