Introduces New Technology to Real Estate Industry

Published Date : Apr 01, 2015

The instilled new innovation and technology into the North America’s commercial real estate. Several realtors and property managers have new challenges to find their vet vendors. The company brings brand new technology to the table that permits the users to benefit from the advanced process management. 

The company eradicates the RFP calls. Instead, the users can now go for the easier and streamlined approach that will save them a lot of time. The new management process connects the real estate owners, developers, and managers with vetted contractors. Moreover, consumers have the liberty to choose based on cumulative information such as pictures, past performance, licenses, course price, insurance information, and reviews. 

With wider options and greater insight users, people can now make a wise choice and gather proper pricing in short time. This will be based regardless the traditional methods. 

The co-founder of ServiceGems said that the systems are designed to simplify the property manager’s task and building owners jobs. There is no person who likes to search on the internet to retrieve quotes from contractors and end up hiring people who are not professional. Hence, this system helps to centralize the entire contractor’s history in one easy snapshot. It also allows the user to save time. The goal of the company is to eliminate the questions associated with the hiring of a contractor. 

Since the inception in 2012, the company has grown rapidly across the United States and Canada. The company offers 1,000,000 licensed contractors and provides a wide range of services from plumbers and handyman to basement renovations.