Obama Gives Green Signal for Arctic Oil Drilling

Published Date : Apr 02, 2015

The American President, Barack Obama who is known as a leader to fight climate change, has approved Royal Dutch Shell to return for oil and gas exploration off Alaska. The approval is viewed as contradictory by many environmentalists.

The Obama administration on Tuesday upheld a lease sale Arctic2008which removed an important obstacle for the company. Further to this, the Interior Department will work on the drilling plan of the company which may take up to 30 days. Shell has already made spending of US$6 billion in exploring the Arctic. The company hopes to move to polar water by summer and has started moving rigs in Alaska.

In the meantime, environmentalists are raising questions about Shell’s mishap in 2012 in the region. In 2012, the Shell Company ran in a major controversy and it was fined for pollution. The environmentalists are also raising questions about Obama’s opposed views on oil exploration in sensitive areas.

Obama’s administration has always favored renewable energy sources, and Obama has also never negated the need of gas and oil in the energy requirement of the United States. Obama has always favored to keep balance for new regulations in the industries which are high in carbon, and also have appreciation for benefits which economically aid the domestic gas and oil boom.

To counter the views of critics, Obama can refer to his January proposal in which he prohibited drilling on the 1.4million acres of the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge.