Norman Baker, New Crime Prevention Minister Targets and Aims to Stop the Binge-Drinking Culture in Cambridge

Published Date : Nov 25, 2013

Norman Baker - the Liberal Democrat Home Officer minister visited Cambridge and targeted the flurry binge-drinking culture amongst the people in this city. He praised the Cambridgeshire police for their movement and hard work in subverting the alcohol-fuelled violence in the city.

Although the minister rounded on irresponsible and cheap promotions and supermarket booze, he praised the Cambridgeshire police for their blitz on the gorge-drinking vehemence exclusively to the News channels and media.

He said the police operations have noticeably reduced the street violence and made the city a much safer place for those people who are visiting the city’s clubs and pubs. The Cambridge police are to be lauded for this excellent work. They have developed functional ties with the publicans and street pastors across the city to limit consumption of alcohol or any alcohol-related crime.

However, the minister says, there is very little they can do without the corporation of other sects of the society. He adds we need to get stronger and responsible for our actions, and cease all the unreliable promotions by means of which people are able to get hold of cheap alcohol. We also have to put an end to the trend of designer alcoholic drinks that are targeted at young people, or alcohol stands that are displayed at the supermarkets next to children’s clothing or confectionery.

Some drinkers even pre-load themselves before they go out for clubbing, or impinge on extremely strong cider stored in big containers and found at low prices. These are major examples of irresponsible promotions which makes their job easy. He says we cannot live nor have an industry that prioritizes alcohol at the cost of anti-social behavior. The industry must realize the downside of alcoholic products and put an end to the misleading promotions. The price deals must be cut down on spirits, beer, wine, and alcopops that are the fueling element to this culture.

As the Liberal Democrat Minister for Crime Prevention, Norman Baker is determined and ardent about undertaking this whole issue of stopping the embarrassing binge-drinking culture in the towns and cities of Cambridge.