Effective Personalized Cancer Treatment through Gene Predictions

Published Date : Apr 29, 2019

It is believed that the network algorithm is used in finding friends on social media. A new study at University of Sussex proves that they can be used in finding an effective treatment for cancer.  Gene’s interactions can be predicted with the help of algorithm network.

Treatment Effects

Currently, chemotherapy is used in oncology to treat or minimize the effects of cancer cells. However, the existing chemotherapy is not effective as it involves chemotherapy as a line of treatment. Chemotherapy puts the patient under stress and also has strong side effects. Therefore, researchers are of the opinion that there is a need for improved treatment for the same.  

More focused and personalized treatments are the need of the hour in treating cancer. Studies and cancer targeted therapies are being carried out to exploit the gene relationship knows as “Synthetic Lethal Interactions”.  Synthetic lethal Interactions simply imply that the cells can cope up if one of the proteins does not function. But, cannot do so if none of the protein functions in the body.  So far not many such interactions have been identified.

Researchers at University of Sussex with the help of artificial intelligence have carried out studies on gene interaction. This study proves beneficial in coming up with a much effective method to treat cancer. Here, it is said that while predicting the gene interaction to target cancer cells, a new algorithm will be used.

So far, this is showing success in treating breast cancer. The challenges in personalized treatment are finding new cells that are potential cancer growing cells. They are time consuming, too. However, with the new technology in its place, this too shall get sorted out. New treatment would use an algorithm called “Slant” to address such issues. .