Eureka Forbes' Aquaguard to also be Available in Online Stores

Published Date : Apr 07, 2015

Eureka Forbes has pioneered and remained with its door-to-door selling concept in India the past thirty three years. The market leader of electronic water purifiers has now decided to distribute its products via the e-commerce medium as well. This decision shows a significant shift in the company’s distribution strategy. Company’s leading brand of water purifiers, Aquaguard, was sold through direct sales till now. It will now also be available in e-commerce while continuing to have its presence in its traditional retail sales chain. 
Eureka Forbes is also planning to rebrand its doo-to-door sales and bring it forth in the form of Dr. Aquaguard. Under this new brand, the company will offer to its customers customized solutions depending upon the prevalent condition of water in households. This range will be sold through the direct sales network of Eureka Forbes’ certified water specialists.

On the other hand, company’s brand AquaSure, will be repositioned so as to come ahead as a challenger brand targeted towards first time users. AquaSure is expected to lead the company’s entry in the country’s rurban markets.

Company’s distribution and sales people have been told about the shift in sales strategy over the weekend. Confirming the decision to undertake such a move, Marzin R. Shroff, CEO - Direct Sales & Sr. Vice President - Marketing of the company, said that the restructuring is one of Eureka Forbes’ conscious efforts so as to keep moving with the rapidly changing landscape of retail sales where the consumer is giving more preference to e-commerce and the changing consumer buying behavior. So the company has decided to change its strategic position by segmenting one brand into three brands. The company will spend an anticipated Rs. 100 crore alone on Aquaguard.