Free International Roaming Could Accompany Google’s Wireless Service

Published Date : Apr 07, 2015

Yes, we all heard it right. Google is striving to become a wireless carrier. Google isn’t trying to make a vivid impression or something by doing so, but it is just trying to push the limits of what wireless carriers do and the contemporary possible bonus to it is the service outside the US at no additional cost, which sounds just exceptional.

Conferring to reports from The Telegraph, Google’s imminent service will be offering text, data and voice to Americans touring abroad at zero extra charges as well as without the hassle of swapping SIMs or getting a local program.

It indeed sounds phenomenal; however, there are a few probable tricks. We can’t say if these conversations are global than just limited to a single carrier in the UK. And additionally, Google’s already been absolutely clear that this is just a miniature venture, and could even be limited to just consumers who own Nexus 6. 

One of the massive, extremely aggravating, and most inevitable discontents while traveling is reckoning out what limited contractual loops we will need to go through to make sure that our intelligent pocket device would continue to allow us access to everything without charging us a gazillion pounds. If Google is successful in making it possible, then it would definitely put a burden on successful and growing providers to come up with a similar thing to get into competition with Google. 

At the end of the day, Google Fiber was successful in rolling out Comcast to 2Gbps, and if it’s Google, anything is possible. So, let’s hope that the SIM-switching days will come to an end pretty soon.