Quintessential Brands Will Soon Be Investing Robustly in Business Expansion Activities

Published Date : Apr 08, 2015

Quintessential Brands, an international drinks company has recently declared that it would be investing in one of its facilities in a place called Abbeyleix situated in County Laois. Its subsidiary company by the name of First Ireland Spirits is located in this region. First Ireland Spirits is one of the largest independent manufacturers of Irish Liquor, also known as Irish Cream. 

The investment will be worth 4 million Euros for a period of one and a half years. This is anticipated to increase the output by about 50% in the Abbeyleix plant. This will lead to a total productive capacity of more than 24 Mn bottles on an annual basis. And the total number of jobs created in this region will be an additional 20. This is a historical town which is situated in a very central location in Ireland. 

It has been almost a year since Quintessential Brands acquired First Ireland Spirits, and the latest investment plan will in a way showcase the commitment of the company towards Abbeyleix. First Ireland Spirits is in fact by far the biggest employers in Abbeyleix, which will eventually bring about changes in the operational standards in Ireland in order to realize its major plans of growth. These ambitious plans mainly include the launch and introduction of Feeney’s Irish Cream, introduction of greater number of products of Irish whiskey, and the launch of the Dubliner Whiskey. 

Quintessential Brands is also considering greater acquisition opportunities in the area of Ireland. According to the co-founder of Quintessential Brands the upcoming investment plans will be a part of the company’s latest business strategy that aims at converting Abbeyleix into an Irish Cream hub and the home for the same. Such a step will help the company to build a certain brand name for itself and also expand its manufacturing business gradually.