Coca-Cola to Invest in Great Britain’s Sustainable Manufacturing

Published Date : Apr 08, 2015

Third largest global Coca-Cola bottler, Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE) has plans of investing about 66 million pounds worth of funds in its current course of operations. This will take place in Great Britain in the current year, and is anticipated to surpass a million pounds within a week’s time after the funds are injected into the system. This will also bring the overall investment to almost 300 million pounds by the end of the ongoing five year period. 

Coca-Cola Enterprises is the one and only manufacturer of bottles for the Coca-Cola Company in the regions of Norway, Belgium, Monaco, Great Britain, France, the Netherlands, Sweden, and Luxembourg. The Coca-Cola Enterprises operating in Great Britain employs close to 4000 persons all across England, Wales, and Scotland in several manufacturing depots and sites. The main commitment of CCE is to reduce the adverse environmental effects of its operations and products with high degree of focus on recycling and sustainable packaging, climate protection, energy conservation, and also water stewardship. 

CCE has recently launched an industry and market research collaboration in the area of Great Britain along with the University of Cranfield. It is expected that the duration of this research study will be over a period of six months or so. The findings will finally be delivered in 2015 autumn. This partnership between the university and CCE shows that the company is indeed committed to bring about operational efficiency in its food and beverage segment. 

The research study will also be aiming at investigating the prevailing sustainability scenario within its supply chain and will look into aspects such as circular economy, waste management, sustainable technology and development, and resource security which are of prime importance.