Frozen Fruit Cider: A One-of-its-kind Launch by Kopparberg

Published Date : Apr 08, 2015

The beverage industry for the very first time will witness the launch of frozen cider. This product will be launched by Kopparberg soon. It will be available in a variety of flavors and it will be packaged in specially designed beverage pouches. This product will be available in the market from the 4th of May 2015 in the United Kingdom off-trade. As per the brand, flavors such as Lime, Elderflower, and Strawberry will be making their way through into the American market. And this trend has basically been adapted from the West which mainly refers to the American culture. 

These frozen cider fruit sorbets take a minimum of eight hours to freeze and should generally be served with cucumber slice for the flavors of Lime and Elderflower and a small lime wedge for the flavor of Lime and Strawberry. According to Kopparberg, such an idea was the result of a prank played on the 1st of April last year wherein the online community of Kopparberg shared that an ice-lolly introduced by the company would become a country wide phenomenon. 

The brand manager of Kopparberg, Jodie Alliss also expressed that the company for a long time has been witnessing surging demand for its frozen products and the result was brilliant since it exceeded industry expectations as well. In fact because of this the officials at the company were ecstatic because this gives the company a chance to launch a brand new product during the summer of 2015. 

With a target market of the slightly older population and the advantage of offering a great refreshment option for beating the summer heat, this frozen fruit cider of Kopparberg’s will take the company’s product offerings and product portfolio to the very next level. The launch of this product will be preceded by rigorous social media and PR activities which will begin in the spring of 2015 and will continue to the summer period.