Soon You Will Hear Neuron Transplant Surgery

Published Date : Apr 30, 2019

Heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, eyes, arms, and legs. The list of organs that can be transplanted is endless. And scientists are all set to add another organ in this exhaustive list, though it is complicated. Researchers at Stanford and Sandia National Laboratories have developed a device that mimics neuron communication in the brain. According to the Science journal, these synapse perform better than natural neurons of the human brain, and are durable and energy efficient. As a result, the research team now intends to combine the device with conventional electronics to support artificial intelligence.

Synapse Similar to Battery

Artificial synapse acts similar to a battery. Here, it is possible to dial up the flow of electricity between two terminals. This flow of electricity simulates the brain activity. In a traditional method, the data is processed and stored later. However, with the help of this device data processing and storage can take place at a time.

Establishing the performance of these devices in an array is a critical step forward to allow programming of other artificial synapses. While carrying out the tests, these devices exceeded the expectations of researchers in terms of performance. During the testing phase, researches could switch the devices umpteen times. Regardless of switching so many times, there was no disruption in their functioning.

So far there have been no tests on learning abilities of these devices. Researchers wish to test their functionality in conditions like high temperature. Also they intend to test them by integrating the electronics devices as well. There are many other probes that are still to take place to study the performance of such devices.

A researcher says, there’s still scope for improvement in these devices. Hope people start using them as there are not many such architecture available. Hence, this proves to be promising device.