Ford Announces Seventh Recall of the 2013 Escape since July 2012

Published Date : Nov 27, 2013

Escape owners get ready to deal with yet another recall of your premium SUVs. Automobile giant Ford is recalling its 2013 Escape SUVs-the seventh recall to be announced by the company since July 2012. The latest recall is apparently being undertaken to address oil and fuel leaks that could potentially cause engine fires. According to information provided by the automaker to the National Highway Safety Administration (NHSA), there have been as many as 13 reported incidents of oil-leak induced fires (12 in the U.S and one in Canada) in the SUVs 1.6-liter EcoBoost 4 cylinder engine. However, the company said that it was not aware of any injuries caused by these fires. Nearly 140,000 of the hot-selling vehicles in the U.S. and 21,000 in Canada and other markets are being recalled as part of this mega problem-fixing initiative.

According to Ford, the probability of an oil leak in the engine can amplify chances of it dripping on heated surfaces and igniting, jeopardizing the safety of the vehicle and its passengers.

In the latest recall, Ford said its dealers would address the issue by effecting changes and bringing about enhancements to the engine cooling and shielding system as well as the control systems.

In yet another recall being carried out simultaneously, the automobile giant is calling back 9,500 Escapes in the U.S. and 2,300 in Canada to fix oil leak issues that might not have been properly addressed in the previous recall.

Despite these recalls and the negative publicity associated with them, customers continue to maintain a favorable impression of the vehicle-something that is reflected via the 250,000 Americans that bought a Ford Escape in 2013 alone.