Samsungs Profit Figures Show Improvements

Published Date : Apr 09, 2015

Latest reports state that the quarterly earnings of Samsung have declined by almost 31% that what it was in the previous year. However, the decline is not as much as was expected. In fact, this in a way indicates that most probably the computer chip and smartphone giant is perhaps coming out of the doldrums and the major profit decline that it had witnessed sometime back. 

As per the January to March business figures, the profit figures at present is somewhere close to US$5.4 billion which surpassed the 5.5 trillion average as per the findings of a group of analysts at FactSet survey. Samsung however is yet to declare the breakdown of the financial performance. The analysts have also expressed the surging demand for the mobile chips of the company and also the improving business of smartphones was in a way less than the improvements on a relative basis. 

The entire quarterly results will be released sometime later this April. On comparison it was also inferred that the operating profits of the company had shown improvements as against what it was in the earlier two quarters; at a time when the mobile business of the company had witnessed a major slump in terms of its sales figures. The mobile business of Samsung contributes to the income of the company by almost two thirds. In the 1st quarter, the overall sales of Samsung came down by 12% to a value worth US$43 billion. 

According to analysts, the profits of the company reached a very low level in the 3rd quarter itself. It is expected that a certain recovery in the bottom line of Samsung during the present quarter will take place with Samsung launching on Friday, the smartphone Galaxy S6. For a long time, the phones of Samsung have been criticized because of factors such as the cheap look of the phone and the complications associated with the usage of the phones.