China Pushes Government to Improve Rule of Law

Published Date : Apr 10, 2015

The government on Thursday said that China’s decision to improve the rule of law and other legal reforms which will be exhaustive and lengthy; however, the ruling Communist Party at the other end of the day should remain in charge of the whole legal system. The ruling party held an important four-day long meeting in the previous year pledging for speedy legislation which will fight against corruption and will make it stronger for officials to exert total control over the judiciary system.

After the meeting, the party has made an announcement of a series of in-depth measures that will protect the rights of individuals, prevent miscarriages of justice and make its judiciary system professional. The party and government gave statements which were carried by the official Xinhua news agency in China giving aims for the reforms and informed that the task is arduous and it will take enormous time, however the reforms must be affected soon so as to ensure satisfaction. The statement has not elaborated the difficulties that will be faced for this change.

The nation is witnessing huge anger over corruption, land grabs, and pollution. These issues are often left unresolved by courts and have resulted in violence between residents and police in the past few years. This situation is threatening the stability the ruling party which is very keen to maintain it. In spite of the legal reforms Xi Jinping, the Chinese President’s administration has not given any interest in political change and has further detained numerous dissidents which also included some lawyers.

The party has not given any further indication which will grant the judiciary systems’ total independence. In most of the cases, courts do not challenge the party accusations in high-profile and sensitive cases which involve corrupt officials or dissidents.