Guardian Requests to Share Public Sector Volunteering Experiences

Published Date : Apr 10, 2015

According to sources, United Kingdom has almost three million volunteers in sectors such as disability, health, and welfare organizations. The figures tally with those who are employed in NHS and social care together.

Few years back the pressure on all these volunteers had immensely grown because they tried to specify the demand which was caused by shortage in funds for public services and its benefits. From accident and emergency to food banks, these volunteers have been are delivering important services to people who are in desperate need of it in the United Kingdom.

The debate regarding public sector funding is still continuing and the Guardian wants to check how these volunteers have been providing everyone with help. To present the contribution of the volunteers and the gaps they have been filling in terms of public services. The Guardian are also willing to see all the photos, videos, and listen to stories giving all the experiences while frontline volunteering.

The Guardian asks all the readers if they have been involved in any kind of volunteering activities in any hospital, food bank or charity currently. They further ask if anyone is public service professional who is working with volunteers. The Guardian further requests to share all the experiences, even if it be positive or negative. This will be a great help in preparing interesting reports for them.

In the official website, one can also add their photos by selecting contribute tab in it or can also use the new application that has been designed for the smart phones. Guardian is basically a great platform for all the readers.