China Says Building of Contested Waters is for Seafaring Purposes

Published Date : Apr 10, 2015

In Beijing, the representative, Hua Chunying, told everybody at a usually timed news conference that the building work in contested waters is for seafaring purposes and its purpose is in no way to make claims at the cost of other nations. A Chinese Foreign Ministry representative defended China’s island constructing assignment in contested waters inside of the South China Sea on Thursday and said that the foundation the nation was building around shoals, reefs and rocks comprise sovereign rights of China and will aid ships in the crisis of typhoons.

China claims the huge sections of the South China Sea to be its territory, inclusive of the waters comprising Paracel and Spratly Islands, ignoring Malaysia, Vietnam, Phillippines and other nations’ constant announcement of it to be their territory

Spratly Islands, called as Nansha Islands in Chinese and the adjacent waters was said to have irrefutable supremacy by China as put by Ms. Hua. Further, she told everybody on Thursday that China was constructing civil operating facilities such as search and rescue centers, typhoon shelters, marine meteorological forecasting stations, navigation aids, civil administration offices and fishing services. She added that these operations would be helpful in providing required services to China as well as to its neighboring regions and such building works takes place within China’s supremacy and are reasonably fair, authorized and do not impact or aim at any nation, and are beyond disgrace. 

Ms. Hua’s statements were steady with prior authoritative statements made by China to defend  its island constructing assignments, which came up in the previous year as an added source of stress in the province. The area is considered to be abundant in  gas and oil and also for province shipping and seafaring purposes.

In the month of May, the defense secretary of the United States named Chuck Hagel, chided China for its enterprise at a number of sites located at the South China Sea while he was attending a conference in Singapore 

Statements were made by Ms. Hua later on when the news organizations announced about the photographs being announced by a research association from Washington that displayed enthusiastic building projects over the contested mischief reef.