Advanced Technique to Color Tune LED Bulbs

Published Date : May 02, 2019

A new technique shows the possibility of color tuning of LED bulbs. Changing the time sequence of the operation current that flows to the device helps achieve this. This is a collaborative work of Scientists from Leigh University, University of Amsterdam, West Chester University, and Osaka University says Volkmar Dierolf , Chair & Professor Of Leigh. This new technique can help tune bright white light and warmer colors of commercial LEDs.

Color Tuning Process

The research team exhibits the success of color tuning of Gallium Nitrate (GaN) based LEDs. LEDs are known as semi-conductor lights that discharge light when it is put through an electric current. Moreover, this technique is also compatible with existing commercial solid state LEDs. Materials used in earlier research with regard to color tuning of LED did not yield in easy integration. Thus, LEDs that are currently available were not compatible, Says –Leigh Physics Department Head.

Currently, researchers place three to four LEDS close to each other to create different colors. Further, this technique offers different colors, resulting in complete color spectrum.

Achieved through just one LED, says Dierolf. The new technique proves that colors like blue, green, and red can be attained by using just single GaN based LED. This is possible by fabricating the emission specifications of an atomic dopant. 

This technique can open up new avenues of tunable emissions from just one atomic dopant present in the semi-conductor. A simple current injection tuning can make it possible and achieve desired results. An online journal published about this research under ACS Photonics known as Color tuning in GaN based LEDs.