Alteplase can Prove to be Effective in Treating Patients with Ischemic Strokes, say Researchers

Published Date : Apr 13, 2015

Scientists at the University of Edinburgh, the UK have discovered a certain drug called Alteplase that can be used in patients suffering from ischemic strokes. This drug is a clot busting one that is at present only being administered to those patients within time duration of three hours of having suffered an ischemic stroke. A latest study however suggests that this drug must be used more extensively in patients who have suffered a stroke. This is so because using this drug has proved to be quite safe as against what was thought earlier. 

In the U.S., ischemic stroke happens to be a very common type and accounts for almost 87 percent of all types of strokes. This medical condition happens when an artery supplying oxygen to the brain gets blocked by a blood clot. Alteplase helps in breaking and disintegrating the clots of blood, thereby allowing the uninterrupted flow of blood to the brain. This is that one medication that has received FDA’s approval in the treatment of such types of strokes. However, currently, this drug is given to those patients within three hours of the onset of ischemic stroke. This can even go up to four and a half hours in the case of a few types of patients in order to improve the symptoms of the stroke. 

Researchers have also concluded that there may be a situation of hemorrhage or even brain bleed in extreme cases of ischemic strokes. They have also concluded that there is limited information on preexisting structural indications that may be common in geriatric patients, have an impact on Alteplase’s response. Under this research study, the research team examined the CT scans of about 3017 patients who suffered strokes and were also a part of the clinical trial that was assessing the efficacy of Alteplase.