Qoros Automotive Co. to Compete with Leading Car Brands

Published Date : Apr 14, 2015

Phil Murtaugh, a former senior official of General Motors has vowed to improve the market performance of Qoros Automotive Co., a startup car manufacturer. Murtaugh was appointed in February as the Chief executive officer at Qoros. His main aim is to increase the total number of dealers by almost 50%. Such as step will be taken with a view to tackle the problem of sluggish sales. 

Murtaugh also wants to ensure high quality of vehicles to the extent that they will be able to compete with foreign auto brands such as Ford Motor, GM, and Volkswagen. These new cars will be available at affordable prices. Brand positioning, according to Phil Murtaugh is the main problem area that needs to be sorted out soon if the company has to perform favorably in the future. In fact, this was a key factor behind the unfavorable sales results in the previous year. In 2014, Qoros had sold almost 7000 vehicles in China. 

In the initial months of 2014, the total sales figure had hit 1424. Shanghai GM, which is a joint venture of the main GM business had reported a total sales figure that came to 1.7 million vehicles. Ongoing trends indicate that in 2015, the vehicles market in China will record a total vehicle sale of 21 million. This was reported by the China Association of Automobile manufacturers. 

The fact that this startup is struggling points to the fact that there are a lot of challenges facing auto manufacturers, including Tesla Motors, which manufactures electric cars. Majority of the auto manufacturers in China are constantly striving towards launching newer brands in the China market which is marked by stiff competition. Consumers are exposed to almost 120 vehicle brands in the market.