European Automakers Protest Against the Recently Implemented Legislations Discouraging the use of Diesel

Published Date : Apr 14, 2015

Several European automakers are seeking clarity on the rules and legislations that have had an impact on diesel usage. These legislations and standards were imposed by a few governments that discourage the purchase of cars that run on diesel in order to manage the problem of pollution. A senior official at Renault-Nissan has expressed that the European economy has invested huge sums in order to introduce the Euro 6 variant of diesel and taking such a step will have damaging effects on the entire European automobile sector. 

Instead, a long term strategy is exactly what the industry requires. In 2014, more than half the vehicles that were sold in Europe were diesel run and the popularity of the same can be attributed to the fact that diesel run vehicles ensure greater fuel efficiency. In fact the diesel run vehicles are way better than the gasoline powertrains because the latter’s fuel consumption pattern is better than the former by almost 15 to 20%. Also, fuel is quite cheap in most European economies since fuel is marginally taxed. This trend will see a certain change in France since the country will soon be aligning diesel and gasoline taxes with a view to encourage consumers to stop using their diesel run vehicles. 

The energy minister of France has also stated that the country will soon be doing away with diesel in order to decrease nitrogen oxide emissions which create smog. Such a step will be taken by the French economy since more than half the population in France is exposed to unhealthy and highly polluted air. The government of France has plans of paying a bonus worth 1000 Euros to those consumers who will purchase electric vehicles and do away with their diesel run cars.