China to Surpass the U.S. as the Leading Cause of Global Warming

Published Date : Apr 14, 2015

China is surpassing the United States in terms of economy and has already surpassed the U.S. in many sectors. However, soon China will surpass the U.S. also in terms of global warming. In the coming two years, China will become the leading cause contributing to the modern global warming. This can be a dangerous benchmark for a nation which is also aiming to curb its dependence on coal.

Presently, China has the top position as the emitter of greenhouse gases and for the first time surpassed the U.S. in this area in 2006. Nevertheless, the two separate estimates presently show that the nations cumulative emissions since the year 1990 is on pace to exceed those of the United States which will make China the largest contributor to modern global warming. 

The Center for International Climate and Environmental Research, Norway estimates that the country China’s cumulative emissions after year 1990 will surpass that of the U.S. this year. According to WRI, China’s cumulative emissions will cross that of the United States in 2016. WRI states that the country China’s 1990 to 2016 emission estimates will reach 151 billion tons in the year 2016. On the other hand, the United Nation’s will be that of 147 billion.

However, in the month of November last year, China pledged to reduce its carbon emissions by 2030 which is the same year it promised that at least fifth of its power will come from renewable sources. Nonetheless, the biggest hurdle to reduce carbon emissions in this country has been coal, which has fueled for many years the growing economy of this country.