12 Best jobs in the revolutionizing American Health Care Industry

Published Date : Dec 05, 2013

The Obamacare, (better known as the Affordable Care Act) is expected to increase and generate abundant jobs in the healthcare industry. This hiring is calculative and is compared to all the other industries by 2020, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics report. The total hiring of jobs amounts to 5.6 million jobs with an average annual growth rate of 3%. 

Tony Lee, publisher at CareerCast.com, told Business Insider that when a biomedical engineer is working with someone else, the job satisfaction extracted out of the process is extremely high. This work culture is important because one learns to have a lot of feedbacks in opposition to having people thanking you. Lee says the need for such professionals is really high and it will last for years to come. Medical professionals are high on demand. They are needed to help people deal with everything in the healthcare and medical field in the long run. 

The most effective site called the job search site CareerCast analyzed the overall survey data as to which job offers the best opportunities in the healthcare sector. The data gave results of both current and future employment of 200 occupations, in terms of physical demands and weighed stress. Any job takes into account aspects such as hiring outlook, the pay, emotional factors, stress, further including physical demands, level of competitiveness and degree of public contact, stamina required and working conditions – all of which are normally accompanied with a job. 

Employees go through all these aspects carefully, and once they come to a combined conclusion regarding all these facets, one can say the overall score is decided in the most desirable conditions to the employees. The survey data is usually evaluated with the help of government agencies, BLS, private survey firms, and various trade associations.