Parisian Cosmetic Giant L’Oreal Introduces Grape Seeds Night Mask

Published Date : Apr 15, 2015

The Parisian cosmetic giant L’Oreal has introduced an innovative jelly that has the texture to wrap the skin like a sleeping mask for all night replenishment while in sleep. The product has been launched keeping in mind the water loss that happens four times while sleeping than during the day. The product has the finest composition for the non-stop water rejuvenation all through the night.

The product that is named as hydrafresh mask-in Jelly for the night is infused with finest grape seed extract from France, mineral-rich spa water from French Vosges, antioxidants that are 50 times more effective than vitamin E, and double power hyaluronic acid for the most hydrated, supple and glowing skin. The mask ensures the skin to be moisturized all night for ultra-moist and radiant skin in the morning. The product has double the power of hyaluronic acid that leaves the skin radiant, supple, and smooth.

The result is evident after applying hydrafresh mask-in jelly for the night to have water bounced rediscovered skin. The hydrafresh mask-in jelly offers more; the non-bouncy and oil free jelly is an invisible mask that continuously hydrates the skin with actives for mask-level results for the skin.

The hydrafresh mask-in jelly is oil free and bounce free that works like a mask all through the night. The hydrafresh mask-in jelly for the night quenches the skin instantly leaving it supple and smooth after each and every night. The product is available at all retail outlets at a nominal price.