The Chinese Investment Group Supports the Pharmaceuticals Venture in the US

Published Date : Dec 06, 2013

China Gaoxin Investment Group Corp, - a capital of assets of almost 300 billion USD established in 1999 as one of the China\'s first state-owned venture capital companies has committed to support the world wide nutritional supplement and pharmaceutical manufacturing industry.

This American channel is to be marketed through the Right Stuff Equipment situated in Denver Colorado. This is the place where engineering support, demo equipment, and parts are available.

China Gaoxin Investment Group Corp recently experienced an influx of financial capital, and Dr Pharm will be in the process of increasing its market in the United States and other parts of the globe accordingly.

Beijing Hanlin Hangyu Technology Development Co. operates under the original brand name of Dr Pharm Precision Machinery. This corporation is situated in Asia and is currently in the supplement and pharmaceutical machine manufacturing.

The Dr Pharm is an association of providing a very cutting-edge competitive price option and high-quality options for the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical markets. Kevin Weber – the President and CEO of the Right Stuff Equipment indexed the product lines which included tablet presses, blister packaging, labeling, capsule fillers, cartooning and bottle filling equipment that is entirely cGMP code-compliant.

Dr Pharm has become the major brand name in the US equipment business in today\'s present times.