Capri-Sun to Expand Operations Beyond Beijing

Published Date : Apr 17, 2015

Capri-Sun one of the most prominent beverage companies in Beijing are looking forward to expand their operations in China. Recently, at an event they announced the partnership with Reignwood Group, to strengthen its sales and distribution networks. 

Capri-Sun has been in China for quite a few years now. But so far, its operations are limited to Beijing alone, as revealed by the official spokesperson of Capri-Sun to 

The spokesperson further added, over the years they have closely monitored the Chinese commercial backdrop. They consider themselves to be adequately informed about the Chinese market, the competitive landscape, and the preference pattern of local consumers. Combining the information with their expertise and the strong distribution services of Reignwood Group China, the Capri-Sun is now ready to roll out their product across the country in a broad scale. 

The partnership with Reignwood Group China is projected to increase production of Capri-Sun by US$86 million. The production will be carried out at the facility located in the Huairou District in Beijing in this year itself. 

The plant exhibits an annual capacity of producing 650 million drink pouches. It has four production lines exclusively dedicated for producing 200ml straw pouches and one line is dedicated separately for the production of 330ml spouted pouches. The product distribution will be majorly focused on central and eastern regions of China for 2015. However, the company is aiming to start nationwide distribution by the end of 2016. 

Capri Sun earlier mentioned China is one of the most prosperous and lucrative markets in the world. Therefore, the company need not worry because the demand for their products already exists, however the question is whether this demand is satisfied in full scale? The company believes the kids’ juice drink is not only meant to gratify the taste buds of children but satisfying moms is also important. 

The company therefore, will focus on manufacturing high quality beverage for kids, made from natural ingredients.