Healthcare Sector in China to Take to Widespread Cyber Consultations

Published Date : Apr 20, 2015

A new project has been started in Shanghai, China, wherein patients will be receiving medical advice via the internet. This will be extended by regional medical specialists and experts, who are considered to be those who have the capacity to mitigating imbalances within the central healthcare system. The healthcare system in China is characterized by huge hospitals overcrowded with patients. 

Furthermore, the healthcare centers at the grass-root levels in China are mostly ignored and neglected. There are pools of patients in China suffering from chronic illnesses such as diabetes requiring continuous monitoring, who prefer long-distance medical consulting. With the help of long-distance medical consulting, doctors can easily extend medical advice without seeing the patients in person. There are several such patients who receive medical advice via the internet from their respective doctors and are quite satisfied with such as system that is so convenient. Such a system ensures that people do not waste much time on travelling and commuting to far flung areas for medical treatment. 

In the Chinese district of Jiading, the concept of cyber consultations was commenced almost two years ago. There are several community health points and centers in the district that are very well connected to the specialists of diabetes in the Ruijin Hospital. There is another long-distance healthcare project that has recently been started that enables the smaller hospitals and healthcare centers to have access to cardiogram analysis that will be received from the Renji Hospital at Shanghai. 

In fact, in 2014, the district went to the extent of getting some of the most qualified and the best medical staff from the Jiading Central Hospital for analysis of medical data that was sent to them via the internet. This was done because there was a paucity of experienced and skilled medical staff in the low level and smaller medical institutions.