Volvo to Explore the US Automobiles Market

Published Date : Apr 21, 2015

Volvo has plans of exporting vehicles to the U.S. soon. These vehicles will be manufactured in the southwest region of China. For the very first time, Chinese made passenger vehicles will be introduced into the American market. In 2010, Volvo was acquired by Geely Automobile. The principle rationale of Geely Automobile is to in a way prove the fact that a China based company has the capacity to manage and work with an auto brand that is popular worldwide. 

The strategy that Geely will take will be observed to assess whether or not other car manufacturers in the China market will exhibit the capacity to thrive in other developed markets. According to senior officials, the main aim of Volvo in the current year is to sell almost 1500 inscription sedans which will be China made, and eventually a total of 5000 cars on an annual basis. Most consumers in the U.S. associate China with cheap durables, products, electronics, and even clothes as against luxury cars and vehicles. 

The quality aspects have not been discussed yet. The concerned officials have refused to disclose the manufacturing region of the cars in China. it is also believed that these vehicles will be sold the same way as Volvos and the quality will remained unaffected irrespective of where they are being manufactured. These vehicles will be manufactured in the facility at Chengdu, which was started in the year 2013. However, considering the fact that the Volvo brand is known for its safety features, several industry specialists have expressed that the company needs to be very cautious if it is to retain its brand name and popularity in the global market.