Samsung SDI to Expand the Manufacturing Business of EV Batteries in China

Published Date : Apr 21, 2015

On Monday, Samsung SDI stated that the company had showcased some of the high capacity and high end batteries meant for ecologically friendly cars in an auto/motor show that was held in China. The primary rationale of the company for taking such a step was that it is seeking a greater market presence in China’s industry for environment friendly automobile parts and spares. It is anticipated that China will soon become a big and a popular market for electric cars and vehicles in the years to come. 

According to a senior official at Samsung SDI, China has immense potential when it comes to the market for electric vehicles. In fact, it has the capacity to outperform the current global IT industry as well. The latest manufacturing facility at Xian will gradually enable the company to strengthen the Chinese manufacturing base by the end of 2015. 

The Samsung Group’s affiliate that is engaged in battery manufacturing stated that it had participated in Auto Shanghai 2015, which is still going on and the company unveiled a host of items which also included the 94 Ah and 37 Ah batteries for automobiles. This automobile trade show began on 20 April 2015. 

Going with the New Energy Vehicle Policy of the China government, Samsung SDI intends manufacturing the battery cells (prismatic) meant for electric cars and also the plug-in variety of hybrid electric cars in the production facility at Xian. For extended capacity, these variety of battery cells do not need huge storage capacities. This in a way will enable automakers to retain the ongoing battery designs while developing newer electric vehicles that will be based on either diesel or gasoline models.