This Solar Powered Glass Can Purify Water

Published Date : May 08, 2019

Researchers of IIT Mandi have come up with a self-cleaning glass that can purify water using sunlight. The glass is capable to remove organic pollutants like detergent and drugs along with microbes. The development is a benchmark in cleaning water reservoirs across the country.

According to Rahul Vaish, industries dump wastewater directly in rivers and other water bodies without purifying it. And when people realize the consequence of the pollutants, it is already too late! Even though some industries are complying with environmental regulations, it is not sufficient to remove solid pollutants and dissolved inorganic compounds.

How Does the New Self-Cleaning Glass Work?

Looking at tremendous depletion of various water bodies in the country, the researchers at IIT Mandi have developed transparent glasses by combining calcium borate and titanium oxide nanoparticles. The glass uses photocatalysis to clean water in the presence of sunlight.

With the implementation of this new glass, the cost for purifying water bodies will reduce remarkably. This is because the glass eliminates the involvement of external machinery which require fuel for operation. Whereas, the new self-cleaning glass operates on sunlight.

The technology expands its application in various sector to reduce pollution level. Since the glass is easy to fabricate, multiple industries use this self-cleaning glass panels in various form. The technology not only restricts its usage to industrial applications but also serves the purpose in domestic applications too.

Self-cleaning glass tubes expand their application in appliances like washing machines, and kitchen drainage system. These tubes can purify water and recycle it for further use.

The researchers are exploring new techniques to get better transparency for the new glass. This shall allow people to use self-cleaning window panels to breathe fresh, and pollution-free air anytime.