Aramark President Addressed Issues Related to Food Served at Kauffman Stadium

Published Date : Apr 22, 2015

Officials working with Aramark, which is one of the leading firms operating concessions at Arrowhead and Kauffman stadiums and other prominent sports venue across the United States met at the Kauffman Stadium on Tuesday. The officials came together to address concerns related to food safety and quality. 

The news conference organized by the officials included a tour of the main kitchen as well as the concession stands. Several changes implemented by Aramark to avoid the violation of any health code were noted during the tour.

However, the officials attending the event had to pull up their socks on Friday night when the public relation campaign they had run for US$1 hot dog turned into a nightmare. Aramark at present operated in 70 concession stands across the baseball stadium. The agency had acquired permits for serving more than 63,000 hot dogs at the stadium on the Friday Buck Night. However, it failed to keep all these hot dogs in proper conditions, and there were a few among the crowd who went on post the photos of soggy buns and darkened hot dogs on social media. 

One of the fans went on to post an image of the hot dog with description, “Can you please do something about the food out there? I mean seriously,” on the Facebook page of Kauffman. 

President of Entertainment and Sports at Aramark was rather prompt in responding. Replying to the complaints he said, a few of the subpar hot dogs that were served in Friday night had quality issues and not safety concerns. 

He further reaffirmed that food served by Aramark is safe and he was very confident about the same. He added that fans had nothing to worry about the food safety since the agency is extremely serious when it comes to the same.