Food Trucks to Include Spam in Their Offerings

Published Date : Apr 23, 2015

During the economic slowdown, Spam had been off the stores; however, when the economy has improved, canned and pre-cooked pork of Hormel Foods’ is hoping for some new and higher brow market. From 2009, the product has been playing a small part in the haute cuisine, since the LA eatery Animal; Vinny Dotolo paired it along with foie gras. In the year 2011, Chef Hooni Kim used it in a stew at his Danji restaurant in New York. In the previous April, Gothamist has given a report which stated that New York Sushi Ko has included the Spam fried rice on a US$135 in the tasting menu.

Hormel has been planning to make the most of the recently introduced foodie hipness. The company is also thinking over capitalizing it with The Spamerican Tour that was launched in the last week. Hormel has informed Quartz that the appearance  of their products on their restaurant menus have inspired the three month long food truck voyage across the 12 U.S. cities. This menu will be featuring the Spam recipes which are designed by Sunny Anderson the Food Network’s, along with the city-specific offerings that are developed by the acclaimed local chefs. 

The people of San Francisco can also try the Robert Lam’s Spammy tots and the people of Chicago can get the Jack pretzel sandwich and Kevin Hickey’s Spam.

Ted Genoways in his book: The Chain: Farm, Factory, and the Fate of Our Food stated that not everyone is fond of Spam’s recent nostalgic avatar. Embracing the ingredient needs ignoring its manufacturing process that will involve the exploitation of the immigrant workers, pollution, the animal cruelty, and the creation of new food-borne diseases.